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Activities and Programs

Ebenezer Institute of Learning believes in educating the mind, body and spirit together.The day begins with staff devotions and the first lesson is Bible Knowledge and prayers. Sports are on Wednesday, physical education lessons are weekly and outdoor play time is a minimum of 20 minutes daily, with up to 45 minutes for the preschool classes. In addition to the regular curriculum, Grade 7 and Kindergarten graduations and other special event programs throughout the year give students practice performing. Classes take turns leading assembly on Friday mornings with songs and short dramas, often related to lessons learned in the classroom. 

Ebenezer has recently begun to implement permaculture techniques throughout the school such as compost toilets and natural fertilisers. The school garden is used for experimenting and applying theory taught in class. 
Feeding Scheme

The rainy season from December to March are also known in Malawi as hunger months. Depending on the harvest from the previous year, maize supplies are low or finished. Ebenezer feeds twenty-five of vulnerable children each morning before school so their brains will be ready to learn. Throughout the year, a snack is provided for these children during break time. 


Outings are a fun way to extend learning beyond the classroom. Ebenezer students enjoy local trips to Nkhoma Mountain, Peanut Butter and Jesus factory, museum, market, Chisomo project for the elderly and disabled and Post Office. now that we have a bus, students have been going outside Nkhoma for educational trips. The Grade 1s went to R and L farms while the Grade 2s went to Kamuzu International airport. Grades 4 up to 7 went Crazmatic high School for a quiz competition.

Practical Lessons

The Malawi curriculum is filled with ideas for extending learning. Ebenezer encourages teachers to make learning as hands on as possible. Pendulums in the sandbox, making toothbrushes with local materials, cooking, sewing, knitting and working in the garden are all common events at school. 

Athletics Day

Each year Ebenezer holds an Athletics Day. Children are divided into three teams: the Lions, the Leopards, and the Cheetahs; and spend the day competing in a variety of games and activities such as a three-legged race, a wheelbarrow race, and a bean bag race. Athletics Day never fails to excite and is a great way to round of a term of hard work for the kids.

As per the school's tradition, we have two gradutions every year. The Grade 7 graduation which is conducted soon after the learners have finished writing their Primary school leaving certificate examinations. Then we also have the Kindergarten graduation which is conducted at the end of the academic year
Clubs and Sports

Clubs and sports play an important role at Ebenezer to enhance learning beyond the classrooms. Every Monday afternoon, students gather into interest groups such as drama, Maths and Science, Bible and art. On sports day, students practice skills in soccer, netball and volleyball. Ebenezer has joined a local sports league which will allow them to compete with local schools. 

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