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Ebenezer Institute of Learning is registered by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology as an Independent Private School within the structure of the CCAP Nkhoma Synod. As of now the enrolment is over 400 students who come from within the Nkhoma catchment area.


The Pre-School serves children from the ages 3-5. Presently, the Pre-School follows a curriculum which is based on interactive and hands on learning, working towards a play based approach. Very explicit age appropriate content is used by the teachers.

Primary School

The Primary School serves 6-13 year olds from Grade 1 to Grade 7. The philosophy of outcome-based education is the foundation of the Primary School curriculum. It focuses on the results that are expected at the end of each learning process. Subjects taught as in the Malawian curriculum include English, Chichewa, Mathematics, Science, Agriculture, Bible Knowledge, Life Skills and Expressive Arts. In addition, Physical Education, Library and Computer classes are offered. 


Various South African and American curricular material is additionally integrated for student enrichment and clarity. The learners are taught to read with comprehension, and practical lessons are encouraged. Students are assessed by continuous as well as formative assessments.

In Grade 7, Ebenezer learners sit for the National Primary School Leaving Certificate Examination.

Malawi National Examinations Board Results

After reaching the Grade 7, the students sit for the Malawi National Examinations Board marking the end of Primary cycle. Those who do well during the examinations are selected to different Secondary Schools. In July this year the grade 7 class sat for the Malawi National Examinations and we are happy to announce that after the results were released all our students passed, representing a 100% pass rate. One girl was selected to a district secondary school, 12 other students got selected to Nkhoma secondary school and 7 other students did not get selected to any secondary school, representing 65% selection rate.

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