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Ebenezer Institute of Learning

Ebenezer Institute of Learning is a private, Christian primary school, founded in 2008 when a local mission hospital in rural Malawi began struggling to find well-trained doctors and nurses willing to serve in a location without quality education. Since its small beginning, Ebenezer has grown to a pre-primary school and primary school with almost 400 students. Ebenezer serves children on the Nkhoma Mission Station as well as surrounding villages. The school is now run with 100% local staff after depature of missionaries in 2017. We are grateful that our sponsors continue to support the school.

Mission Statement


Building Christian character in children and exploring their intellectual capabilities by instilling biblical truth and imparting basic education principles that will enable them to confidently compete at any level.



Strive to become an education institution that will nurture the academic and spirirtual capabilities of children from a young stage in order to lay a good foundation for their future education.



  • Every child as a unique creation of God with a unique purpose and calling in the world

  • The parents of every child desire to impact them through the School

  • Christian teachers, the gift that God has given them and their lives as models of Godly character

  • Qualified and trained teachers

  • Holistic education, seeking to develop the whole child - body, mind and spirit

  • Team work and community spirit

  • The Word of God as the basis of all truth

  • The church and desire the school to be integrally connected to the body of Christ

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